The Design Coordinator works with the Project Manager, Project Director and/or Principal-in-Charge of a specific project to develop design concepts that are incorporated in final product by Technical Designers. The Design Coordinator, in the role of technical team leader, may begin to handle some project management tasks under the direction of the Project Manager, Project Director and/or Principal-in-Charge, but will primarily work on technical aspects.

Typical Duties:

The following duties are typical of this position but are not all encompassing. Each person is expected to help out in whatever duties are required to deliver a quality product on schedule, within the project budget and the budgeted hours provided for in the work plan.

  • Assist Project Manager with client and project coordination and management.
  • Manage projects of limited scope under supervision of Principal-in-Charge.
  • Supervise personnel.
  • Provide data for evaluation of budget compliance and project billings.
  • Advise Project Manager of need for additional service.
  • Coordinate construction document preparation; Analyze building/zoning code.
  • Outline document contents with "half size" sets and specification outline.
  • Ensure compliance with design intent and coordination with specification.
  • Review work of consultants for coordination purposes.
  • Respond to bid inquiries regarding pre-bid approvals; prepares addenda.
  • Provide assistance in construction administration.
  • Prepare project correspondence.
  • Conduct on-site observations as directed by Project Manager.
  • Prepare observation reports when appropriate.
  • Review submittals as needed.
  • Assist in project close-out efforts including punch lists.
  • Meet with governmental agencies or officials as needed.

Relationship to Others: 

The Design Coordinator may not change the scope of work or deviate from any other part of the contractual document without Project Manager, Project Director and/or Principal-In-Charge approval.

Works under the direction of the various Project Managers according to assignment. Works under minimal supervision. Helps in development and mentoring of junior technical design and intern staff. Some client contact for project review. Contractor and consultant coordination. Ability to communicate with project construction team to minimize misunderstanding and conflicts. Promote coordination and cooperation of in-house project team.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Professional degree and/or registration (where applicable) preferred.
  • Minimum five (5) years experience with construction document preparation and field observation.
  • Must be proficient in the use of computer for CAD operations.
  • Limited experience in personnel supervision.
  • Competent knowledge of building materials, specifications and construction techniques for Healthcare projects.
  • Experience in dealing with OSHPD, governmental agencies, codes and ordinances.
  • Competent knowledge of construction materials, specifications and techniques.
  • Experience in dealing with governmental agencies, codes and ordinances.
  • Ability to communicate with clients, consultants and contractors.
  • Sufficient knowledge of engineering disciplines to coordinate work.
  • Knowledge of construction process sufficient to coordinate project with contractor.

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