The Rundown: LPA is looking for an Architectural Project Manager to join the Urban Design Studio team in Irvine.

Key Goals and Objectives of this role:

The Architectural Project Manager will plan, organize, and control the activities of the project team to best accomplish the successful completion of all assigned projects. As the primary point of contact, the Project Manager shall be responsible for coordination of the project between LPA and its Clients.  The Project Manager shall be responsible for coordination of the design and technical efforts of the project team members and the integration of architecture, engineering, interiors and landscape disciplines on the project.

You will:

  • Establish, implement and monitor a Work Plan for each project.

  • Responsible for client relations and to assist the Project Director and Principal-In-Charge to obtain repeat business from existing clients.

  • With proper assistance, see to the preparation and execution of Agreements consistent with client needs, firm's technical ability and firm's projects schedule.

  • Coordinate project with outside consultants and direct in-house staff with the assistance of the Design Coordinator.

  • Submit to and review with client matters pertaining to budget and scope of the work.

  • Execute and oversee financial management of projects; monitor reports, invoicing, revenue projections, etc.

  • Manage the efficient development of complete, fully checked project documents. Ensure quality control of all project documentation and communications.

  • Lead client and team meetings throughout the project.

The Qualifiers:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with clients, consultants, contractors and team.

  • Experience in personnel supervision, strong written and verbal communications skills.

  • Competent knowledge of building materials, specifications and construction techniques.

  • Experience in dealing with codes and ordinances.

  • Sufficient knowledge of engineering disciplines to coordinate work.

  • Knowledge of construction processes sufficient to coordinate project with contractor.

Education and Experience:

  • Professional degree required in the field of Architecture.

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in project management of Architectural projects.

  • Architectural License in California preferred.

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