LPA’s passion for the holistic nature of sustainability and the connections that exist between design excellence and sustainability required that we change our firm structure and design process to create a fully integrated design firm. We believe that the traditional architectural practice of cobbling together separate disciplines for a project, with little to no integration, is simply not effective in enabling the design of sustainable solutions that meet all of the complex requirements of a project in today’s world. 

The idea of an integrated design firm is not a new concept at LPA. For more than 25 years we have been a multi-disciplined firm. Understanding the benefits that collaboration and integration bring to our clients and projects, we added engineering to the firm in 2007 to create a fully integrated design practice. LPA’s unique integrated design process, where in-house architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers work collaboratively on a day-to-day basis in real-time, fundamentally changes the process from a team of consultants to a team of partners and enables our teams to: 

Create projects that "do more with less."

The integrated process results in places and spaces that maximize building performance and reinforce well-being and engagement while requiring less energy, less water, less square footage and less building materials. This new model of integration is redefining the traditional design process by creating uniquely collaborative teams that share a common commitment to discovering the connections that exist between design excellence and sustainability.

Design places and spaces that solve problems and work better.

Design is an inherently interactive and dynamic process. For a design project to be successful, it must go beyond meeting the functional requirements. We believe that sustainability is too important to be treated as just a scorecard because it is neither an additive nor subtractive; rather, it must be ingrained into a building’s DNA. In lieu of chasing fashion, our integrated teams are creating spaces and places that enrich lives and create long-term value for our clients by changing the discussion from added cost to added value.

Create a more efficient design process.

Right from the start, integrated design asks each discipline, “How would you do it?” It is a process that takes this early input and informs the design, making our process linear and more efficient. Having this early input allows our teams to better communicate with owners, contractors and all members of the design team. Early input from our multi-disciplined teams allows us to produce projects that are better coordinated and that save time and money during construction phases of the project for our clients.

Engage each discipline early in the process, creating real sustainability and collaboration.

Engaging the different disciplines from the very onset in the design process is the only way to create real sustainability. The traditional consultant process is inherently difficult to navigate when creating a cohesive direction for the design. We have changed this so that we are partners instead of consultants in the process of creating well-coordinated projects that perform.