The four-story, 1200-car parking structure at this medical technologies campus in Irvine, California, along with a campus landscape program, are the first and second phases of a three-phased campus enrichment project that will transform this existing campus. The parking structure is the first phase and—given its location on the campus—needed to do more than just house cars. The design team had two goals for the structure: to reinforce the future landscape amenity and to demonstrate that sustainability makes business sense, even with a parking structure.

Using two large circulation towers that tie to the future pedestrian walkways, a four-story living wall was placed between the towers, becoming a green backdrop to the campus while screening the cars and hinting to the future landscape development. On the top deck, a photovoltaic canopy overhangs the living wall that announces the structure's sustainability and the 556-kilowatt system. With the completion of the parking structure, the existing surface parking lot will be replaced with a new six-acre landscape amenity in the second phase. This new pedestrian space ties the entire existing campus together with a series of recreation spaces and outdoor meeting and gathering spaces.

The landscape design is a model of sustainability using a combination native and drought-tolerant plant palette throughout the site. In addition, designers incorporated bioretention planters and have one of the first rainwater harvesting systems in Southern California, meeting regional stormwater management requirements.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2013
  • Irvine, CA