The districtwide Energy Master Plan (EMP) for Grossmont High School provided a map of historic energy use and the means to reducing it. Energy audits were performed on nine individual school sites and were used to identify viable energy conservation measures, such as optimizing EMS implementation, gym lighting retrofits, occupancy sensors for HVAC in portable classrooms and a new district standard for high-efficiency, single-zone variable air volume package HVAC units. The EMP also addressed energy-efficient behavioral changes, operation and maintenance procedures, demand response strategies and design guidelines for new construction. An on-site energy system analysis was conducted to determine appropriate technology types and locations. This led to integration of solar photovoltaic systems at multiple sites.

Funded by the $417 million Proposition U Bond, the project scope includes 31 state-of-the-art classrooms, 10 tennis courts and a Career Technical Education facility for the school's automotive technology program. Replacing more than 20 portable classrooms and outmoded facilities, the new two-story, 35,000-square-foot Humanities building features covered walkways on both levels, a free-standing elevator and stair tower that will create a new portal to the campus, and landscaping. It is the campus' first new English building since the 1930s.
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