The coLAB space at LPA's Irvine office is about 3,300 square feet and was created to provide a collaboration laboratory, where colleagues can develop new ways of working together as designers. The space is intended to foster three modes of work—thinking, creating and sharing—by offering variety of spaces, mobile furniture, tools and technology that inspire creativity and a social gather place. The coLAB offers a small meeting room with a touch-enabled computer to improve collaboration between offices, an open office area with furniture that encourages teams to reconfigure the space and a community table for sharing ideas, food and conversation.

The coLAB will offer a variety of technology that provides new ways of interacting with displays, computers and mobile devices. The new technology enables the sharing of information from iPads to large and small format displays, better connections between LPA's five offices, mobile tables that display full-size drawings and an audio video system that promotes the sharing ideas through music, images and video.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2013
  • Irvine, CA
  • 3,300-square-foot space
  • LEED Gold certified