The design of the Centennial Plaza—which includes the Coil School for the Arts (CSA), Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties, Culinary Arts Academy and District Offices and Parking Structure—takes cues from its surroundings, blending the historic and the modern through the use of textures, lines and landscape to form a cohesive center of the arts. Each building in the block serves an instructional program while expressing its purpose to the community on its exterior appearance.

In addition to a 450-seat music concert hall, the CSA building includes classrooms, practice rooms, a choral room, band room, orchestra room, a piano lab and a state-of-the-art recording studio. The district’s commitment to the arts, culture and history through the vision of the Centennial Plaza solidifies downtown Riverside’s place as an urban center for activity, creativity and lifelong learning.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2016
  • Riverside, CA
  • 36,400-square-foot facility
  • 450-seat concert hall
  • LEED Silver certified

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