Relying on the Volcom brand for inspiration, the corporate headquarters space takes on a hand-crafted, almost bohemian aesthetic incorporating simple, utilitarian materials, used in an extraordinary way. Wood, fiberglass, metal and fabric define and reinforce the Volcom brand and work harmoniously with the somewhat raw nature of the existing 90,000-square-foot warehouse. The centerpiece of the design is an internal street feature that allows for simplified internal circulation and organization as well as unique branding opportunities. The street incorporates art and images borrowed from the Volcom retail stores, as well as staff artists and the products. Daylight is harvested through the incorporation of new skylights and light wells which exploit the existing skylights throughout the space. The furnishings remain an eclectic combination of pre-owned, vintage, new and custom elements combined to exemplify the Volcom attitude and strengthen their unique work ethic.

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