The first municipal fully-automated parking garage onthe West Coast is now open to the West Hollywood, California, community. After years of suffering with less than one-third the required and necessary vehicle parking adjacent to the existing city hall, a state-of-the-art, sustainable parking solution provides 200 parking spaces for use by the city staff, residents and local businesses. 

Further emphasizing the progressive sustainable attitude adopted by the city of West Hollywood, the automated parking structure offers a clean, environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional parking systems. Since the vehicles are non-operational during the parking and retrieval process, the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions equates to removing 92 cars from the road each year or the planting of 67,000 trees. Additionally, the shell surrounding the warehouse will be designed to feature state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly materials such as composite wood panels made primarily from recycled plastic grocery bags.

The result is a user-friendly and environmentally-responsible parking solution that provides a safe, convenient and sustainable parking solution.

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Project Details

  • West Hollywood, CA
  • First municipal fully-automated parking garage in CA
  • 200-space parking garage
  • Features roof-mounted PV array

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